Case Study - Single Cancer Pathway

Supporting the Single Cancer Pathway for Wales

The Single Cancer Pathway (SCP) is a way to report cancer waiting times in a unified and straightforward manner from the point at which a patient is suspected to have cancer through to when they receive treatment. It should help improve the patient experience by improving early diagnosis and reducing waiting times. As part of SCP there will be programmes to improve service delivery by unblocking bottlenecks from the system, better allocating resources and improving overall data exchange between providers.

Sara’s Story:

By creating better connected data and insights, the NDR can help this initiative to improve the speed at which cancer patients are diagnosed and treated, this is crucial for suspected or confirmed Cancer patients.

Watch the video to see how the NDR can support the Single Cancer Pathway initiative to help cancer patients like Sara now and in the future.

How will the NDR help?


Improved planning and allocation of resources – the NDR has a rich pool of data and information across health and care settings which can be used to help analysts and health boards make better planning and resourcing decisions.


Precision medicine – making resources available to researchers and scientists to support the development of a vaccine and other treatments.


Improving care coordination across settings – responding to COVID-19 has supercharged the importance of how information between social care and the health needs to be joined up. The NDR is enabling this.


Improving emergency planning – having real-time information available through the NDR has been critical in assessing where resources from a wide variety of public services should be made available.